In the vicinity of our guest house, you can discover treasures like the historically significant Eger and its castle, the picturesque Szépasszonyvölgy with its renowned wines from the Eger wine region, the enchanting Lillafüred resembling a fairy tale, and the Szalajka Valley nestled in the embrace of nature.

If you wish to actively unwind during your days with us, we are here to guide you on where to start.

Seasonal Program Recommendations

Spring - Awakening Nature

Embrace the renewing beauty of nature in spring! Take a hike to the Szalajka Valley, where the array of flowers and the fresh green forests will captivate you. Visit the splendid Palota Hotel in Lillafüred and take a stroll along the shore of Lake Hámori, where you'll be enchanted by a truly magical experience.

Summer - Hot Relaxation:

Summer is all about relaxation, and the thermal bath in Demjén is the perfect place for refreshing swims and leisurely sunbathing. Moreover, it's just a short walk away, merely 1 km from our guest house. Don't miss out on Szépasszonyvölgy either, where a row of wine cellars awaits explorers, offering delightful wines and culinary experiences.

Autumn - Sightseeing and Gastronomy:

Visit Eger, where the castle and the historical downtown offer impressive sights. In Demjén, make sure not to miss the Tavas Cave, where the stunning formations of stalactites and stalagmites will amaze you.

Winter - Snowy White Magic:

Winter brings snowy white magic and the opportunity for active relaxation. The Mátraszentistván Ski Resort is an ideal place for skiing and snowboarding. Afterward, you can unwind in the warm thermal pools of Demjén's thermal bath.

Sights and Experiences:

Demjén Thermal Bath: Rest and heal in the therapeutic power of thermal waters. The modern bath complex offers numerous pools and services for enthusiasts of bathing.

Szépasszonyvölgy (Valley of the Beautiful Woman): Taste the famous wines of Eger and enjoy the offerings of local restaurants in this charming valley.

Lillafüred: Stroll along the picturesque shore of Lake Hámori and visit the Palota Hotel, which once welcomed guests as a royal residence.

Szalajka Valley: Hike in the enchanting Szalajka Valley, where nature and fresh air converge.

Eger Castle and Downtown: Discover the historical treasures of Eger, walk in the castle and downtown, and learn about the city's past.

Demjén Tavas Cave: Admire the Tavas Cave with its rich formations of stalactites and stalagmites. A unique experience.

Mátraszentistván Ski Resort: Ski or snowboard in the beautiful Mátra region and enjoy the pleasures of winter sports.


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Full guest house rental: 150,000 HUF per night (except for peak seasons)